Marvin Appel
Signalert Asset Management LLC
525 Northern Boulevard
Suite 210
Great Neck, NY 11021

Investment advisor

Since 1973 Signalert has been managing investments for individual clients. Signalert is distinguished by vigilant, active investment management that aims to find the best investments for our clients no matter what the market climate. In particular, we are always ready to move client assets into cash if we judge that market conditions are turning riskier. In this way we have protected our clients from every major stock market decline in the past 40 years.

We can help anyone who is frustrated by low interest rates and wants higher returns without a lot of risk, or anyone who wants to participate in the potential profits of the stock market but who desires attentive risk management. We work with clients ranging from those who are just starting to invest through those who have saved all they need and want to protect and grow their savings for their retirement and legacy.