Terry Rubenfeld
CTR Business Advisors LLC
11 Lisa Drive
Dix Hills, NY 11746
631-807-5161 (Cell phone)

Business Consultant-Profitability and Growth

CTR Business Advisors solves strategic and operational challenges for business owners with financial consulting and growth strategy services. CTR improves the bottom line and helps clients reach their next level of growth with expertise and experience in finance, corporate leadership and public accounting.

CTR forges lasting relationships with business owners and their management teams, maintaining a long-term perspective to ensure continuity and sustained success. Our analysis of financial and operational data allow us to pinpoint critical issues and develop an implementation plan for building profitability, making CTR a partner that provides objectivity with no constraints that is fully aligned with your business goals.

CTR improves profitability and growth, while improving funding viability, aligning personal and professional financial goals improving business structure to create a sustainable, salable entity.